Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your questions about healthy chest binding and trans health from Frances Reed, author of Healthy Chest Binding for Trans & Non-Binary People.

Short answer- no. Find out why you need to be careful with this style of binder.

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This common misconception oversimplifies both garments. Learn the difference so you can make a your best choice.

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Check out some guidelines so you know you are staying safe.

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The 8-hour rule is misleading and short-sighted. Here’s a more complete answer.

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Advice for what do we do when the results we get aren’t as flat as we want

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We’ve all heard this is bad for us… but find out why and what to do if you’re struggling with dysphoria at night.

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The answer isn’t so simple but here’s guidance based on a decade of experience

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Find out more about what adjusting to a new binder should be like and what constitutes a warning sign.

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Headshot of Frances Reed, a white, non-binary person with a bright purple and blue mohawk. They are wearing glasses and a patterned blue and white shirt and smiling into the camera.

About The Binding Coach

I’m Frances Reed (they/them) A.K.A. The Binding Coach. I am also the author of Healthy Chest Binding for Trans & Non-Binary People: A Practical Guide, and the creator of 

For over a decade, I’ve treated people with binding pain and taught folks how to make the best choices about binding. I teach gender-expansive folks, their parents and partners, and the health and wellness providers who support them. 

Ask me anything you want about binding and chest health. If I don’t know the answer, I will find it for you!

I’ve been a licensed massage therapist since 2011, and I use a structural integration framework to support people at all stages of gender transition.

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