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People who bind are searching for resources on how to do it in healthy ways. This website takes questions from young people, concerned parents, people transitioning late in life, and health providers looking for substantive information to provide to patients.

Most come to me desperate because the resources that are out there are good but they only go so deep and many people are desperately seeking information about their unique situation.

After over a decade of clinical practice, I am able to meet that need better than most professionals out there.

This website is supported solely by donations and my own personal finances.

I have a full time practice and I maintain this website because this kind of in-depth resource needs to exist for binding health.


What They’re Saying

I’ve been scared to start binding and now I feel like I know more. I’m still not ready but this class has made me much less nervous about making the decision.

- Workshop Participant

Healthy Binding From The Start

The course and the instructor helped me have a greater understanding of the needs of a population who is underserved, largely misunderstood and in need of my industry’s services. It was expertly presented and very well thought out.

I want to be a safe person, but there is not always “safe” ways to get an education on this subject. Frances was super clear and nonjudgmental.

I’m an occupational therapist and would have thought Frances was an OT from how adept they were at addressing considerations for people with mobility concerns and chronic pain conditions. Invaluable information.

- Workshop Participant

Healthy Binding From The Start

I loved the freedom to ask any question–no matter how simple or potentially awkward–thank you for giving me a place to do so, that got the questions answered without impinging upon anyone in any way.This is one of the finest classes I’ve taken in a long time–filling a knowledge gap with beautiful organization, clarity, boundaries, and kindness. Can’t say strongly enough how much I appreciated it. THANK YOU!

Thank you for offering this! My teen is binding and last year I asked a doctor about safety. They didn’t tell me anything useful and nothing about prevention.
- Workshop Participant

Self-Massage for People Who Bind

I truly appreciate the safe and non-judge mental space you created to allow me to learn and explore. I feel much more equipped to serve the trans community.

It’s so valuable for me to have hands-on skills that allow me to give back to my own communities. It was an extremely unique and positive experience to get to study in a room with other queer, trans, and non-binary practitioners — and to have conversations about massage therapy as both a practice and a profession in that context.

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