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Photo of Frances Reed, a white, non-binary person with a bright purple and blue mohawk. They are wearing glasses and a patterned blue and white shirt and smiling into the camera. They are sitting cross-legged on a chair with their hands folded.

Hi there, I’m Frances Reed (they/them). I’m the author of Healthy Chest Binding for Trans & Non-Binary People. I answer questions about chest binding and trans health at The Binding Coach. I’m also the creator of

I’ve been a licensed massage therapist since 2011, and have spent over a decade supporting transmasculine clients at all stages of gender transition. I’ve developed a set of techniques for assessing and treating chronic pain and discomfort in people who chest bind as well as tools for pre- and post- top-surgery care.

I offer 1:1 coaching to trans and non-binary folks who chest bind, as well as their family members. Coaching topics frequently include healthy chest binding, navigating pain or discomfort with gender transition, finding or wearing a chest binder, self-massage techniques for people who bind, self-care for trans folks, and other topics on trans health.

Supportive friends and family members can also request coaching on how to better support their trans or non-binary loved one.

My coaching rate is $150/hr. Packages for multiple sessions and sliding scale options are available. Request a session to learn more.


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    Upcoming Workshops

    Healthy Binding From The Start

    Healthy binding from the start
    Open to: people who bind, are considering binding, providers, friends and family

    Whether you are considering binding, just getting started or want to understand the risks and strategies for staying healthy and pain-free, this workshop will give you the tools to make the decision that is right for you. During the workshop, participants will learn about the breadth of options for binding, the health risks and what to look out for, and recommendations for healthy binding in specific activities.

    Self-Massage for People Who Bind

    Self Massage for People Who Bind

    Open to: people who currently bind or have bound in the past

    If you bind, you know that chronic pain and discomfort can be a regular part of life. With the right exercises and self-massage, you don't have to experience discomfort from breath constriction, muscle tightness, and misalignment issues. The session teaches techniques for chest opening, breathing expansion, upper back & neck release, shoulder mobility, and ribcage pain relief. The format is like a movement class (yoga, pilates, etc) and will guide you through exercises you can do on your own.

    Bodywork to Support Clients Who Chest Bind

    Bodywork to support clients who chest bind
    Satisfies LGBTQ+ cultural competency CEUs, Maryland & DC

    Open to: licensed bodywork practitioners and manual therapists

    This course is designed to teach massage therapists (and professionals in related manual therapy fields*) a basic understanding of chest binding, impact on the musculoskeletal system, proper intake with a client experiencing binding pain, draping, and techniques to mitigate and prevent chronic pain from binding.

    This course includes a community clinic in which clients who bind will receive free massage and give students an opportunity for real-world practice of these techniques. Massage can have a significant impact on the quality of life & health outcomes of clients who bind their chests, this training is a valuable skill set for therapists wanting to serve transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming clients.

    The techniques taught in this class are rooted in the structural integration approach and rely on a working knowledge of the fascial system. A brief explanation of the fascial system and the thoracic anatomy will be given but participants should have basic proficiency in anatomy and some prior exposure to the fascial system.

    *24 CEU, all CEUs awarded through NCBTMB

    Upcoming Dates: May 17-19, 2024, Pittsburgh, PA

    Bring Frances to Your Organization

    Interested in bringing a workshop to your organization or campus?

    Looking for a speaker or trainer to expand the gender-affirming care offered in your practice?

    Frances Reed is a nationally known cultural competency trainer, speaker, and community educator.


    What They’re Saying

    The class’s integrated focus on both advanced technical skills and on how to hold safe, respectful, informed, and supportive space for our transgender clients was the perfect combination of notes. I left feeling encouraged to take more ownership over my own practice. I highly encourage anyone with the opportunity to take this class!

    - Workshop Participant

    Bodywork To Support Clients Who Chest Bind

    I want to be a safe person, but there is not always “safe” ways to get an education on this subject. Frances was super clear and nonjudgmental.

    I’ve been scared to start binding and now I feel like I know more. I’m still not ready but this class has made me much less nervous about making the decision.

    - Workshop Participant

    Healthy Binding From The Start

    I’m an occupational therapist and would have thought Frances was an OT from how adept they were at addressing considerations for people with mobility concerns and chronic pain conditions. Invaluable information.

    - Workshop Participant

    Healthy Binding From The Start

    I truly appreciate the safe and non-judge mental space you created to allow me to learn and explore. I feel much more equipped to serve the trans community.

    one of the most valuable CEU classes I’ve had the opportunity to take in years. Frances provided a great, technically detailed but accessible refresher on the anatomy of the upper body and I learned new things about the science of fascia that hadn’t even been covered in my previous Neuromuscular Therapy training.

    - Workshop Participant

    Bodywork To Support Clients Who Chest Bind

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