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How do I know if I’m wearing the right size binder?

Ask The Binding Coach: How do I know I'm wearing the right size binder?

Q: How do I know if I am getting the right size binder?

A: Getting the proper size is one of the most important parts of binding in a healthy way.

It’s important to take your measurements and reference the company’s size chart when you purchase a binder? Binder companies size their garments differently so always re-measure because a large in one brand might be a med in another brand.

There are a lot of companies selling cheaply-made products and the sizes are inconsistent so make sure that you are buying through a reputable binding company. Reputable binder companies will have size charts and will offer instructions about how to take your measurements, assistance determining your size or other tools for matching you to your healthiest binding option. Check out the Binder Finder tool to learn more about which companies have size ranges that fit your body.

When a binder is properly-sized, you may still notice that taking a full, deep breath requires more effort than usual but taking a deep breath should always be possible. Like any article of clothing, it will be tightest when you first begin wearing it and will stretch to a more comfortable fit.

Wearing a properly fitting binder should not be painful though it might make you sore initially and it should not make it difficult to breath in normal activity levels though you may feel overall tightening that lingers in your chest even after you remove the binder.

Looking for the perfect binder?

Our Binder Finder tool catalogs 52 characteristics of binders and reputable companies that sell each style. If you need especially large, small, or custom sizes, you can see which sizes each company makes.

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I’m Frances Reed (they/them). I’m the author of Healthy Chest Binding for Trans & Non-Binary People: A Practical Guide, and the creator of

I’ve been a licensed massage therapist since 2011, and I support people at all stages of gender transition. I’m here to answer your questions about binding, no matter how big, small, silly, or serious.

Frequent topics include healthy chest binding, finding or wearing a chest binder, self-massage for people who bind, self-care for trans folks, or other topics on trans health.

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Buy The Book

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