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UrBody Urbody, founded by Mere Abrams (they/them) and Anna Graham (she/her), is committed to redefining gender & body norms in the fashion industry while expanding access to gender-inclusive functional garments designed for self-expression and body affirmation. We serve the entire gender spectrum and create fit templates tailored to the bodies and needs of all human beings, including trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming folks. Each of our styles is infused with the community feedback we gather at every stage of the design process.

Method of Compression

Full-Length Compression
All-Elastic Compression 

Garment Styles

A tank that ends at the mid-belly but is not long enough to tuck into your pants. I recommend this option if your tissue bulges out from the bottom of a 1/2 tank. Full-Length Tank A tank that ends a few inches below the bottom of your chest tissue. People with larger chests may find that their tissue bulges out the bottom Half-Length Tank Racerback tanks allow for the greatest motion of the scapula and are recommended whenever you are doing activities that demand significant shoulder movement. The straps of a racerback can exert more pressure onto the upper traps and neck muscles and can trigger headaches in some people. Racerback Tank These styles are able to be worn with lower cut shirts and open button downs without being visible. V-Neck/Low Neckline Compression shirts and high-compression sports bras are lower-compression options which leave more room for chest tissue thus exerting less pressure on the sternum than other binder garments. Compression Shirt/Sports Bra These binders are made of fabrics safe for wearing in the water. They will maintain their compression even when wet and the fabric will hold up to the wear and tear of the water. Rinsing the binder after swimming in chlorinated or salt water will extend the life of the binder. Water-Safe Binders

Compression Level

 Light Compression

Method of Entry



2 Skin Tones
Non-Skin Tone Colors

Size Range


Price Range (USD)



International Shipping
This means that they are shipped in plain mailers and the company states a commitment to discreet packaging. Discreet packaging is defined differently so check the FAQ's on the site if this is a major concern for you Discreet Packaging

Additional Features

Sensory-Friendly Options
Binders are made from a wide range of fabric but some companies specialize in using fabrics that are crafted to be more breathable than standard fabrics. Breathable Fabric: Moisture-Wicking
Triple-Layer, 4-Way Stretch Fabric

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