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B. Ur. Slf.

The B.UR.SLF business started with transman Elliott and Mom Gayle discussing the idea of creating a more comfortable chest binder for the transgender, nonbinary, gender nonconforming, and cosplay communities. Our purpose is finding inspiration within our community to innovate – continually creating and providing chest binders to support our communities in living authentic lives.

Method of Compression

The binder is made of elastic fabric on the front and back and does not use a non-stretch panel to achieve compression. The strength of the elastic varies from high compression to low compression in all-elastic binders. All-Elastic Compression
The binder's back panel is made of a lower compression/higher stretch fabric than the front panel. Both all-elastic and non-stretch panel compression may have lower compression rear panels. Lower Compression Rear Panel

Garment Styles

A tank that ends a few inches below the bottom of your chest tissue. People with larger chests may find that their tissue bulges out the bottom Half-length Tank

Compression Level

Light Compression

Method of Entry

Side Closure


2 Skin Tones
Colors (Non-Skin Tone)

Size Range

(individual sizes vary by company)

Price Range (USD)



International Shipping

Additional Features

Binders are made from a wide range of fabric but some companies specialize in using fabrics that are crafted to be more breathable than standard fabrics. Breathable Fabric: Mesh Back Panel
Silicone tape to prevent roll-up

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